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Friday 12th October


We've been busy developing our addition skills this week. We started off by adding ones to a two digit number, then tens and then yesterday we put it all together so that we could add two two digit numbers! 

We worked with dienes to help us to begin with and moved on to using place value cards but by today lots of us could do it without using anything to help us and some of us even solved an extra tricky problem! 

In case the children want to talk you through how to add, I've included a picture showing our steps below!

Monday 1st October


Today we've been experimenting with what happens to clay if you add water to it and we found that we could do something amazing! We could paint with it!

The clay became more and more slippery as it became wetter and wetter - we found out that this is called clay slip and it makes some really interesting textures!

Friday 28th September

Yesterday we set up an interesting experiment to investigate mixing liquids. We put some baby oil in a jug and added red ice cubes - then we watched to see what would happen. We made some sensible predictions but no-one managed to guess what had happened by this morning! We had some super discussions about why we thought it might have happened - I will leave the children to tell you all about it!

Thursday 27th September

Today we've been finding out about a new artist called Kurt Schwitters. 

We learnt that he was an artist from Germany and that he used all sorts of different things to make his art. He liked to do collage and sculpture.

We looked at lots of his art and then had a go at creating our own versions!

Wednesday 26th September

We've been busy problem solving today, using our new found knowledge of counting in 3s!

Miss Brown is collecting beads to make a tiara!

She has 6 beads already and she has collected beads for 6 days.

She collects 3 beads each day. How many has she got after 6 days?

Can you work it out? We did!

Tuesday 25th September

Monday 24th September

Friday 21st September

Melting moments

On Wednesday we investigated melting and found out that chocolate melts really well so it seemed only right that we apply our knowledge by melting chocolate and using it to make cakes - oh, and we got to see what happened when it cooled down again as well!



Thursday 20th September


Who'd have thought?

Ice cream in a plastic bag - surely not! The grown ups were dubious to say the least but imagine our surprise when not only did it work, but it tasted like ice cream - yum! Except that was, for the group who managed to open the bags and muddle the ice cream with the salty ice cubes freezing it! Yuck!


As Maisie and Fynley explain...

First we got a small bag and then we put blue milk in  the   small   bag. Next we put the sugar in the small bag . Then we put the small bag in the big bag.   After that  we     put   the rock salt in the bag and then we shook it.

You can tell from the clean bowls in the pictures that it must have been good! Maybe chocolate milkshake next time...


Wednesday 19th  September

Magic melting!

We've been busy being Scientists today and investigating which things would melt. We looked at some different foods and tried to predict whether we thought that they would melt or not. Some of them were quite easy like ice cream but some of them were a bit more tricky to guess! Then we put them in the oven and checked them every two minutes for ten minutes to see what would happen and whether our predictions were correct!


Tuesday 18th September

Monday 17th September

We had a tricky morning to start our week, solving riddles about the different materials that we have investigated so far this term. We decided that the clues with descriptions in were much easier to solve than the clues where we had to find letters, which was lucky because we have been doing expanded noun phrases this week where we have to expand our noun phrases by adding adjectives in to describe the nouns! Some people even managed to use their expanded noun phrases to create their own riddles - see if you can work out which one is about jelly and which one is about shaving foam!


I am weird, slimy and come out blue,
Put me in water and see what I do,
Get in with your feet, I might be slippery,
What am I? 

by Tim


I'm wiggly and I'm wet and I'm very yummy to eat,
You put me in the fridge till I'm ready to eat,
You eat me for pudding and you put cream on me.
What am I? 

by Maisie

Friday 14th September

Revolting Recipes!

This afternoon we have been learning about imperative verbs like "cut", "chop", "get", "put", "mix", and "taste" by following instructions to make some of Roald Dahl's revolting recipes. We have made the Enormous Crocodile, some snozzcumbers for the BFG and Mr Twit's beard food! Then we tasted it and amazingly they were quite popular!

See if you can play a game giving each other instructions and spotting the imperative, bossy verbs at home!

Thursday 13th September

Tuesday 11th September

Terrific tasting!

Great excitement today as we were able to use our sense of taste as well as our other senses!

Most of the children were really brave about trying new things and were keen to have a go at everything - even if it did produce some interesting faces!

We tried olives, curry sauce and poppadoms, salsa and tortillas, salami, hot dog sausages and kiwis to try and give us some international variations! The biggest surprise hit was the number of children who would happily have eaten the whole jar of olives!

Monday 10th September

This morning we have started to look at Place Value. There were lots of pegs on the table and we had to think about how we could make it easier to count them. We had some great conversations! We thought about grouping them by colour, but we decided that that didn't really help! Putting them in a line made it easier to count them but it was still tricky to remember what number we had got to. Putting the pegs in the numicon shapes helped us to organise them and some people came up with the idea of counting in twos which really got us thinking. We finally decided that the easiest way was to group them into tens and then see how many extra ones we had left over - that made it much quicker to count and we didn't lose our place!


We are going to be carrying on our work about tens and ones in the next couple of weeks and finding different ways of showing this. We will try and share pictures so as you know what we are doing and how! 


It would be really helpful if you could support at home by:

  • doing lots of counting forwards and backwards in tens, from any number (not just 0,10, 20, 30 etc but 6,16,26,36 and so on as well),
  • identifying how many tens and ones there are in two digit numbers, e.g. on door numbers when you are out and about or price labels in the supermarket
  • asking children what is one more/less or ten more/less than a number
  • counting forwards and backwards to 100 from any starting number.

Happy counting!


Friday 7th September


Stupendous Scientists!

We found the word “stupendous” in the dictionary yesterday when we were looking up what stupidity means as it was in our story. We were really interested by the fact that “stupidity” meant to be stupid but “stupendous” meant to be amazing or tremendous. As we were amazing and tremendous scientists this afternoon it seemed like a good time to use our new word!

We have been investigating what happens to different things if you put them in water. We experimented with clay, flour, sugar, salt, glitter, shaving foam and baby oil and looked at whether things could be stirred, whether they floated or sank, whether they dissolves and so on. We had some very interesting conversations especially about why things float and sink and we’ve even come up with some new questions to investigate in the future!

Do have a look at our investigation windows to see our ideas – maybe you could even do some investigating at home!

Thursday 6th September

Marvellous muck and mess!

What a fantastic start to our new theme we had yesterday morning investigating mess!

We used all of our senses except the sense of taste (that is yet to come!) to experiment and find out about a whole range of different things from cloud dough to baked beans, goop to shaving foam!

It was just as well we had brought in our old clothes to wear as some of us went for the full body (and hair) experience! Thank you very much for remembering to send old things in and for all of the baths which were probably needed last night!

As we got over the initial excitement we started to come up with some fantastic adjectives to describe the experience and we built up quite a word bank which we used to help us label our great display in the corridor in the afternoon – do come and have a look!

What a magnificently messy morning we had!




Tuesday 4th September 2018


We have had a fab first day back in Badger class. We started the day with a run through of routines so as everyone knew the important business about going to the toilet, drinks, snack etc! Then we had a good chat about our holidays before we went off to write. The grown ups in each group had to do really good listening because then they had to remember something about each of the children's holidays to share with the other groups - it was quite tricky! 

This afternoon we hear a story about "The Huge bag of worries" and we talked about all of the things that might worry us about being in Year 2. Luckily we've fed all of our worries to the worry monster now so we don't need to worry about them any more!

We're looking forward to getting really messy tomorrow!


Thursday 20th September