Gillingham Primary School

Gillingham Primary School





We aim to empower our children with the understanding and skills they need to enjoy childhood online, access safe places and benefit from the opportunities that a connected world offers appropriate to their age and stage.

Scheme of Learning

We use Education for a Connected World to guide us through what children should know and understand within each key stage.

We recognise that some E-Safety learning is taught through other subjects such as RPSHE, English,  Humanities Research etc... and we ensure we make those links when appropriate to ensure children understand the importance of E-Safety.

We cover 8 areas of online education  -

  • Self-image and identify,
  • Online relationships,
  • Online reputation,
  • Online bullying,
  • Managing online information,
  • Health, wellbeing and lifestyle,
  • Privacy and security and
  • Copyright and ownership.