Gillingham Primary School

Gillingham Primary School

Tuesday 16th October


Our Visit to Farleigh Hungerford Castle:


Wednesday 10th October

In year 5, we have been getting very excited about our trip to Farleigh Hungerford castle tomorrow. Yesterday, we used some websites and information booklets to find out some extra information about Knights.  We can't wait to find out more tomorrow......

Friday 05th October

Another busy week in year 5 Tigers with us learning about the life cycles of rats, fleas and bacteria.  Who knew life could be so interesting! The children researched information and used that along with information we already had about life cycles from our science learning to create powerpoints that we could present.

In preparation for our exciting trip to Farleigh Hungerford Castle we have been learning all about the art of being a knight and Chivalry. Life in the Medieval period was very complicated so decided to find out about people from different groups – it was called the Feudal system. That is why Knights were very important. Knights went to war and fought for the King, they loved lots of ladies and jousted for fun! It must have been quite hard being a knight because they wore metal all the time. The horses must have been very strong. Luckily the Knight had helpers to get their armour on and off, they were called squires and boys could become a helper at the age of five! Parents paid for their children to become knights because they had to be trained.

Hopefully we will find out more about life in a castle next week on our trip!

Friday 28th September

This week have been learning about the life cycle of the flea, rat and bacteria. We have been focusing on writing journal entries about the Black Death, having watched videos about what life in the Middle Ages might have been like. We have used quality description to make our writing interesting  - look out for our presentation copies on the walls at parents evening.

We have also been focusing on learning about place value in maths – using place value to round larger numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. This has been challenging for some of us but we have persevered and struggled through our learning to help us grow our brains.

On Thursday we presented our Harvest work with four groups reading the information they found out about how farmers worked in Medieval times and what the farming year was like. Our Mural was really good at the front of the hall and lots of people said they liked it. We felt proud because we all had a hand in creating it.

The dances we have been working on based around the piece of music called Danse Macabre is really coming on – we practiced moves to Michael Jacksons' 'Thriller' and it is amazing how good some of the children’s moves are – we have had lots of leaders confident enough to show others how to do moves, which has been brilliant for all of us.

Finally we are very excited about the trip we found out about today – in October we are hopefully going to visit a Medieval Castle! It is not complete because most Medieval Castles were demolished during the Civil War but there are parts left and we are going to see a wall painting, which is what we based our Mural idea on. So much going on!

Tuesday 25th September

This afternoon, we have been busy learning about the Flagellants. The children really enjoyed listening to eye witness accounts, using information on the learn pads and looking at texts to find out facts about the Flagellants. It was a really exciting topic and the children have found out lots of gory facts, including that they whipped themselves as they believed it would please God.  Using their amazing facts we are going to create a display.... watch this space for photos! 

Wednesday 19th September

In year 5 this term we have been learning about Pestilence and how the Black Death affected London, we also had a visit from the mighty Pestilence during class. The visit has taught us about the symptoms and what happened while this was happening.

We have settled in nicely to our new classes and made a lot of new friends.

We are now focused on a medieval frieze, this is a frieze of the seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. We were all split into four groups, each holding four or five writers, this is all taking place for the Autumn harvest. The frieze is meant to show the harvest that happened in medieval times.

Year 5 has been very fun so far and everyone has settled in well, we have seen some new faces and it’s now like they’ve been here since Reception. In maths we have been learning about place value and rounding, some of us are finding it easy and some hard but it doesn’t matter as we all learn at different stages.

Last Friday two people came in from Dan the skipping man to teach us how to skip, it was a very fun day and most of us have improved on skipping and we have all learned some new tricks and skills, we also know some fun games about skipping.

In literacy, we have been writing about the black death and we have also been learning about similes, metaphors and personification, some of it has been hard but we’ve all got over it.

In guided reading we have been reading a book named The pied piper of Hamlin, we have been answering questions about it and we have also been identifying adjectives, adverbs, and verbs in the text by underlining them in coloured pencil

In science we have been looking at different types of bacteria and what they can do to you, we have also been collecting and growing it in a kind of jelly and we have been waiting for results since it happened. Some people’s samples have already got some results but others may not have them yet.

By William T