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This page should contain information and support to assist you and your children with online learning. If you have any concerns or questions after you have read this page, please do call us on 01747823245 between 8:30am and 4:00pm or email us at and we will do our best to support your enquires.


DFE update on keeping children safe in education


Our Remote Learning Offer

 Our Remote Learning Offer


Our Remote Learning Policy

Gillingham Primary School Remote Learning Policy


Our Remote Learning Day

Learning at home should follow a similar routine to the learning at school. This will keep the children in good habits and encourage them to recognise this is learning time rather than relaxing playtime.

Children should be ready for learning by 9:00am having had breakfast and got dressed into appropriate clothes for live lessons - no pyjamas are allowed. Children should work in a space where you can see what they are doing - they should not be left alone in their bedrooms to work especially online or having meetings. We recognise that this can be difficult for families where there are young children running around but is best practice to protect your children. Please talk to us if you are worried about this. 

We will offer your child: assignments in Guided Reading, English, Maths and their wider Curriculum learning. We will provide access to recordings of the class reading book and Assemblies. All of this will be accessible through MSTeams. We will also teach two live lessons every day to support learning in English and Maths which will be recorded and available for the children to watch again if they need reminders. All children should read daily to an adult if at all possible. They should also practice their number, times tables and spellings daily using Numbots, TTRS and Spelling Shed.

Some children may require further support and we will offer this on a needs basis - we will contact you and your child through teams or your family email to discuss / arrange this. We will try to arrange these sessions in the afternoon.

You should have received information detailing your child/ren's live lesson times. Please be assured we have tried to stagger these to meet the needs of families who have to share devices. 

If you have any problems please do contact the class teacher in the first instance - you can do this by emailing the  or by calling the school office between 8:30 and 3:30pm. If you need to speak to our SENCo or a member of our Senior Leadership Team with a worry or a concern then please do call the school office after 9:00am.

We are all learning rapidly - every day is a learning day so no question is silly. If you are having a problem it means many others may be also. We will do our best to support you through this difficult time. Together we will support the children of Gillingham Primary School.


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How to guides for using MSTeams

How to Use Teams for Remote Learning

How to Submit Assignments

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