Gillingham Primary School

Gillingham Primary School

Gillingham Growth

We are working hard to develop 'Growth Mindsets' : the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through practice, hard work, dedication and motivation.  
Building on the work of Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford University, we have introduced the Gillingham Growth code (shown below) to help everyone make fantastic progress.

Each week, class teachers will nominate children in their class who have demonstrated these key learning behaviours.  Their work, including the Purple Pen of Power Improvements they have made, will be shared with the whole school in their key stage assembly and mounted in the Hall.  This will show how they respond to feedback, how they learn from mistakes or develop their thinking.  It may not be final, polished piece of work but demonstrate leaps forward in progress and understanding.  Look out for postcards coming home with details of how your child is showing these behaviours in class.



All around the school, there are lots of motivational posters to help cheer us on.  In assemblies, we will be learning about the people featured on the posters, and there will be some included on the end of the newsletter for you to talk about at home.

If your child's work is on display, we welcome you to come in and see it!

Please see our Growth Mindset video below to learn more about our code.