Gillingham Primary School

Gillingham Primary School

Our Staff

We are very fortunate to have an extensive, highly skilled and committed team of adults who work together to support the education of every child in our school. From premises to lunchtime supervisors, administration to teaching, leadership and governance, we work as one to ensure the best provision all day, everyday. 



Mrs Sue Preston


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Dr Sam Nash

Deputy Headteacher

Year 5 Teacher

Tiger Class (Mon-Weds)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Miss Tricia Sherry

Assistant Headteacher


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Sarah Bailey

Reception Teacher

Ladybird Class

(Mon to Weds)


Mrs Jill Taylor

Reception Teacher

Ladybird Class

(Thu & Fri)


Mrs Hannah Hogan

Reception Teacher

Ladybird Class

(Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs Julie Scammell

Year 1 Teacher

Hedgehog Class

Miss Penny Cross

Year 1 Teacher

Squirrel Class

 Portrait to Follow

Mrs Rachel Walker

Year 2 Teacher

Badger Class

Mrs Natasha Doddington

Year 3

Camel Class

(Mon to Weds)

Mr Stephan Calloway

Year 3 Teacher

Camel Class

(Thu and Fri)

Mr Patrick Dennehy

Year 3 Teacher

Zebra Class

Mr Andy Turner

Year 4 Teacher

Alligator Class


Mrs Sandy Hayes

Year 4 Teacher

Crocodile Class

Mrs Lisa Gulliford

Year 5 Teacher

Lion Class


 Mrs Rebecca Lenarduzzi

Year 5 Teacher

Tiger Class

(Thur and Fri)


Mrs Lucy Marney

Year 6 Teacher

Jaguar Class



Mrs Sarah Mawer

Year 6 Teacher

Panther Class



Mrs Caroline Hellis

Speech and Language Base Leader

Base Teacher


Mrs Claire Wenglorz


(Currently on Maternity Leave)



Mrs Kim Barrington

Speech & Language Base

 Ms Amanda Batchelor



Miss Gemma Beasley

Also Kitchen Assistant




 Mrs Sarah Bittles


 Miss Karen Brown



Mrs Tessa Burchett



 Mrs Maria Carr


Mrs Julie Cooper

 Mrs Caroline Crittall  

 Mrs Amy Cutler

 Portrait to Follow

Mrs Tracey Cutler


Mrs Jenni Eardley



 Mrs Sarah Farquhar

Also Midday Supervisor

Ms Ellie Fitzgerald

 Mrs Cathy Gee

 Mrs Lianne Gray


Mrs Erin MacKenzie

Portrait to Follow

Mrs Kim Mileham

Mrs Rachel O'Neil

Learning Mentor

 Mrs Janine Rutter

 Miss Chloe Singer

Also Breakfast Club Assistant

and Planet Play Assistant

Mr Dan Watts

Sports Coach


 Mrs Susan Yeates  


 Mrs Caz Earley

Business Manager


 Mrs Emma Logan

School Secretary

Head's PA

IT Technician


Mrs Alison Weaver

Receptionist / First Aider

Breakfast Club Leader


Mr Roland Crabb



Mrs Jo Keirnan





Miss Tracy Galia

Planet Holiday After School Club Leader


Lunchtime Staff

Senior Supervisors

Emma Aplin and Des Castle

Lunchtime Supervisors

Nicki Blake, Pauline Clarke

Sarah Farquhar, Chris Foster,

Jessica Martin, Ann Perkins,

Jo Pope, Suzanna Ryall,

Katie Swellings, Carolyn Tuck, 

Anthea Wareham 


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Jennifer Searle (Cleaner-in-Charge)


Nicki Blake, Des Castle, Jessica Martin

Tammy Martin, Di Monhan,